I enjoy giving talks about urban metabolism, data challenges and opportunities, and other topics that I can speak sensibly about. I am happy to chat at university departments, civic society organizations or communities, and similar audiences.

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Urban metabolism research and practice: challenges, insights and opportunities

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Oct 27, 2022

Urban metabolism data and insights: How far can we go, and how far should we go?

San Diego State University
Mar 24, 2022

Urban metabolism, circularity, and data: opportunities and challenges

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Oct 26, 2021

Future talk: Urban sustainability and satellite-based observations

University of Vaasa, Digital Economy research platform
Dec 03, 2020

The opportunities and challenges of crowdsourcing urban metabolism data

University of Southern Denmark, Department of Green Technology
Oct 21, 2020

Collaborations in and contributions to the field of industrial ecology

Yale University, Center for Industrial Ecology
Apr 24, 2020

The Multiplicity Project: Crowdsourcing Urban Metabolism Data

Waterloo University, Canada
Oct 16, 2018

An introduction to OMAT: Online Material Flow Analysis Tool

Columbia University, Hungry City Workshop
Oct 02, 2017

Urban Metabolism: An Introduction

Yale University, Center for Industrial Ecology
Jun 06, 2017

Material Flow Analysis: Introduction

University of Cape Town, Department of Chemical Engineering
Apr 03, 2017