My projects

My career consists of a string of related and unrelated projects, initially starting out with a focus on web development but over time transitioning into urban metabolism and industrial ecology projects. I have often worked on multiple projects at the same time and have found that I do best when my work contains variety, a high degree of freedom, and balance.

In most - but not all - of the projects I have had some sort of a co-founding role. I am very grateful to the many co-founders, partners, and collaborators that I have worked with over the years. I can claim none of these projects as exclusively my own, and am very glad to have worked together with such a wide variety of interesting, passionate and driven people.

Most projects are still ongoing, in one way or another, with or without my active involvement. Some have been successful, some have faltered. Every time I have learned and enjoyed the journey.


  • Since Jun 2022

Executive Director

  • Jan 2018- Jan 2022


  • Jul 2016- Jun 2021


  • Aug 2014- Jun 2023


  • Jan 2007- Jan 2010


  • Jan 2005- Jun 2013


  • Sep 2000- Dec 2018